Dr. JoQueta Handy

Brilliant Learning’s Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance (COB) model is a beacon of light through the complacency and stagnation found in much of the current special needs educational world.


Dr. Handy understands and honors the beauty in the way each child processes information. Instead of focusing on the child’s learning challenges, this model identifies their learning strengths and teaches them how to build upon them.

Dr. Handy created Brilliant Learning to forge new pathways for children with learning disabilities. Through this practice, Handy aims to create a generation of employable, proactive adults who happen to have learning disabilities.

 — Dr. JoQueta Handy

"Together, we must disrupt the current system of education to reveal the brilliant learner in every child."


Brilliant Learning


BrilliantLearningOnline.com helps improve the quality of life for families of children with ASD and other learning challenges with a seven-step holistic approach that includes educational strategies as well as how nutrition and brain chemistry can affect a child’s academic potential.


Doctors, parents, therapists and teachers can quickly access easy-to-use lessons and immediately implement them in any learning environment.




Environmental issues cause a rise in health problems, especially the incidence of ASD. Parents of children with ASD are also dealing with health and emotional issues. And a school system that is broken and flawed isn’t meeting their growing needs.




"There is a higher correlation between Roundup (glyphosate) and autism than vaccines... At this rate, one in every two children will have autism by 2025."

 - Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT

In the 2013 study by Dr. Yi Jin, Brain Treatment Center, it was found that 92% of parents of children with ASD had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The whole family can benefit from treatment.

In 2013, 81.4% of children with disabilities didn't graduate from high school due to misconception and low expectations. Children receiving services for autism ballooned in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years by 165%


Parents, teachers, doctors and therapists must unite, under one umbrella to create an army of change. Together we can revolutionize the educational system. Learn how at brilliantlearningonline.com.


Dr. JoQueta Handy is excited to share how to...

Discover innovative methods

Identify hidden strengths

Learn to identify each child’s abilities and to build a supportive learning system in which the student can truly thrive.

Find out how each child learns and how to personalize and maximize his potential in any learning environment.

Implement proven strategies

Children have shown a 70% improvement after sixteen hours of one-on-one instruction using the strategies in this educational model.

This workbook is a stand alone guide or a companion to the Brilliant Learning Online Course.




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